I closed the door behind me…


I close the door behind me as it screeches shut with an ear piercing sound only an old rusty heavy iron door can make. My face contorts as I close my eyes trying to block out the noise that’s continuing to ring inside my head that is now spinning. Am I drunk or drugged? I’m sweating profusely and my shirt is soaked through completely. Leaning against the door I slide down with a thud to the ground and open my eyes. I can’t see a thing and all I feel is the cold hard floor beneath me and the coarse grit of the oxidized metal on my back. The room feels tiny like a box as I can hear the short echo of my breath reverberating off of the walls. I can’t seem to catch my breath as if there were no air in the room at all. I begin to gasp for breath and as I do my head begins to spin even more from oxygen deprivation. I feel a great pressure all around me bearing down on me like the weight of a thousand oceans, to the point which I can’t take it anymore. My muscles give out and I scream as my body goes limp, sliding sideways and down the hard surface onto my shoulder and face, the coolness of the floor on my cheek being the only sensation I have left. I give up and let the darkness take over me, bringing me into its silent and comforting arms. Slipping into unconsciousness my mind begins to fold in on itself, smaller and smaller into a microcosm of implosion. It feels as if all my bones are separating and my muscles and tendons have all stretched and melted away as my limbs pull apart. No pain, just intense sensation and a numb mind reeling back on my skull. I choke on my tongue and bite down on my teeth with so much force it feels as if my molars will shatter at any moment. And then I’m falling backwards, the now cold air whipping at my back as I catch speed and plummet downward. I can feel moisture collecting on the back of my body along with short flashes of coldness as if I were falling through clouds, but the truth is I have no idea where I am or what’s truly happening. I can’t even move and I can barely breath. Every breath I try to take gets colder and colder and soon I begin to feel my lungs start to freeze as the condensation on my body turns to ice. In a moment I am engulfed in frigid solid ice and I am no longer breathing, only falling. I can feel the ground below me getting closer and before I can even think about what is happening I hit the ground, smashing into a million icy pieces. I disintegrate and am released.


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